Snicks Survives

Snicks Survives

Our oldest gay bar (doing its part to promote sin in Sin City since 1976) got into a whole lot of trouble a while back. Seems there were some folks having sex right there in the bar. Shocking. Shocking to the local Talibaptists, anyway.

Snicks Place is a little bitty bar a couple blocks North of the Stratosphere. You need to get buzzed in, after the bartender has a look at you through the video camera. Last year, an undercover cop made himself a Snicks regular so that, after a while, everybody would feel comfortable letting their guard (and their pants) down.

CARSON CITY, Nev. – December 31, 2008 – Nevada gambling regulators have filed a complaint against a Las Vegas gay bar that holds a slot machine license, alleging that several patrons engaged in sex acts in public areas of the bar.

The Gaming Control Board complaint filed against Snick’s Place and licensee Dominic Vitale lists seven counts, each punishable by a fine of up to $100,000. The club’s license for up to 15 slot machines also could be revoked.

“The conduct here is so over the top and out of control that it warrants swift and very definitive action,” Control Board member Sayre said Wednesday when asked about the complaint filed with the board’s parent Nevada Gaming Commission.

It looked for a while like Snicks might go under for good. But the latest news is good news.

CARSON CITY, Nev. – March 11, 2008 – Nevada gambling regulators are recommending a $50,000 fine and a 6-month suspension of a slot machine license to resolve a complaint alleging that several patrons in a Las Vegas gay bar engaged in sex acts in public areas of the bar.

The settlement signed by Snick’s Place owner Dominick Vitale and state Gaming Control Board members would resolve a 7-count complaint filed in December. Each count is punishable by a fine of up to $100,000. Also, the club’s license for up to 15 slot machines could have been revoked.

The complaint, based on observations by an undercover Control Board agent between late April and mid-June 2008, states that in one case two patrons had intercourse in a public area of the bar, and in other cases patrons were seen engaging in other sex acts.

This part is our favorite:

The various sexual activities by patrons tend to reflect “poorly on the reputation of gaming in the state of Nevada,” the complaint added.

How perfectly ridiculous. Again we have cause to wonder. What do they call it Sin City for, anyway??

In Las Vegas, they give you free liquor at the bar, the better to impair your judgment while you’re sitting there in front of a one-armed bandit built right into the bar itself, tempting you to gamble away all your money. You can drink yourself stupid and lose everything – and that is perfectly all right with the Gaming Control Board. But it’s only nudity and sex that reflect poorly on the reputation of gaming in Nevada? Does that make any sense to you??

We don’t know for sure, but we tend to doubt that any genuine patrons at Snicks Place objected to the public sex. And, in any case, if you don’t like a bar then, well, there are plenty more for you to choose among.

Silly Nevada state officials should find themselves some actual problems to get worked up about and leave people alone.

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