Leave a Compliment or a Comment

Leave a Compliment or a Comment

You may now post your comments – either TO or ABOUT – each of the listed escorts. There’s a new form appearing now at the bottom of each profile page. Enjoy :D

The comments may be in the nature of “You’re hot” or, hopefully, in the nature of a proper review.

Please note that harshly negative comments will not appear. Either we don’t believe the negative assertion made. Or else, if we do believe it, then the entire listing for that escort will be removed. So – if you know something very bad about an escort, you are welcome to share. We will respond appropriately.

Greg told me a funny story today about another escort. Greg phoned him up for a friendly chat, but just as soon as Greg had introduced himself… the other escort rudely hung up on him! Greg was just stunned. So am I – I mean, what purpose is served by being rude like that?

You never know, but one of these days somebody may hire both Greg and this other escort at the same time and… wouldn’t THAT be an awkward situation!

Sheesh, it’s Las Vegas. There’s room enough for everybody. There is no need to be uncivil.

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