Amazing What you can Find

Amazing What you can Find

As part of my New Start, #8 on the Energy Blocker List was to go through my old hard drive and Pull Out the files that I need. It was like opening up a time capsule and what a bunch of cool stuff I have. Imagine it’s 2002 and your friend built you a Mega Computer for school. You got this new thing called ‘Cable Internet’ that is 500 times faster than anything else out there and you are a bit devious by nature. Needless to say… there was a lot of porn on that hard drive. Lots and lots of really good porn.

But I want to focus on the music I had. I collect all kinds of interesting music; lots of unique songs and dances, and multiple variations of the songs and dances. One of my favorite Pieces of music is “The Peanut Vendor.” The piece became popular during the  mid 1950’s ‘Mambo’ music movement that was introduced by Desi Arnez (I love Lucy). I have over 40 renditions of “the Peanut Vendor” and one stands out as my Super Favorite! I totally forgot about it until I found the copy on the old hard drive. I used to BLAST this song every morning when I would get ready for school, dancing and bopping around. My friends would get in on the action, too, and before long this song was being played all through our Fraternity House.

Here is a copy of the Greatest ” The Peanut Vendor” Recording ever. Don’t be afraid to crank up the volume:

Harry James, Benny Goodman & Stan Kenton – The Peanut Vendor

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