Hypocrisy UK Style

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Hypocrisy UK Style

The British Home Secretary got into trouble for accidentally billing the taxpayers for the cost of two porno movies, which were watched by her home-alone husband. That would be quite sufficiently embarrassing all by itself…

Matters are not made better by the fact that Ms. Smith, who leads the British government department overseeing immigration, drugs policy, counter-terrorism and the police, recently announced plans to change the law on prostitution in Britain to punish men who pay for sex, in an attempt to cut down on demand. As The Guardian reported in November:

“Ms. Smith that in the past the government has concentrated on addressing the ‘supply side’ issues relating to prostitution. Now the government wanted to curtail the demand.

“‘At the end what we also need to recognise is that if there is no demand for sex with women, there will be less trafficking,’ she said.”

It is such a darned nuissance for the people who want to control other people’s lives when they get caught doing such a poor job of managing their own lives (or those near and dear to themselves) ain’t it?

(We do, however, hasten to add that to the extent that the concern here is for women who are unwilling participants in being “trafficked,” then we have all sorts of sympathy for them!) And no sympathy at all for hypocritical holier-than-thou government officials.

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