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Background: was started in 2008 by a group of Las Vegas Male escorts to have an affordable web page to place videos and photos. It served only as a way to back up  listings on Rentboy, Daddy’s Reviews, Rentmen, boys2rent, etc…  Times have changed, though, and now that this website has worked its way onto the front page of Google. Even the related Twitter feed has hit the first page (and you get to take that over, as well).

Our Primary Escort ‘Greg Smart’ has been receiving business from Google searches. Now that Greg is retiring, this website is being placed for sale. Greg is the last originator of this website still in Vegas.


Site Visit Info:

Average Daily Site Visits per last 3 months: 103

Average Site Visits from Google per month: 780

Sites Linking In: 4 (not many)

Click Through: 89% (percentage of Visitors who land on the main page and click on other pages within the website)(ie: bounce back 11%)


Benefits of (per Greg Smart):

  1. More Clients. I average 1 new client from this site per week (some weeks 3, some weeks none… you know the drill) mainly because they found this site on Google. 
  2. No competition. On Rentboy & other Sites you can have up to 75 guys advertising at the same time, here you only have a few. (On those weeks where Rentboy has 75 guys advertising and no one is making any money {I know you know what I’m talking about} I still have a way to land clients and put money in my pocket)
  3. No need for a ‘search bar.’ All the websites advertising Male Escorts on Google require users to do a search on a complex search bar. On the Escorts for Las Vegas are on the main page
  4. Great photo and video uploads. No more grainy photos for advertising.
  5. Google! This website is on the main search page of Google under the ‘Male Escorts Las Vegas’ search term. Even though it’s at the bottom of the page, It’s still available for viewing. This gives you a unique advantage that no other Male Escort or Male Escort service has in Las Vegas.
  6. Female Clients & Couples. Lots of Male Escorts in Las Vegas are trying to land female clients. This website helps make that possible. Women with money who are looking for Male Escorts use Google just like everyone else. Almost all Male Escort websites are ‘Gay.’ Even though this website is geared more towards the Gay community, lately we’ve been toning down the Gayness because women are hiring me (Greg) directly from this site.
  7. Financial Opportunity. The less guys on here the better it is for me (Greg), but I don’t fit everyone’s tastes, so I sell space on here to other Escorts. I ask $100 for 6 months on the site. I can put up to 5 guys on here. Not a bad investment for an escort trying to pick up clients from Google.


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