Callboylv.com was started in 2008 by a group of Las Vegas Male escorts to have an affordable web page to place videos and photos. It served only as a way to back up  listings on Rentboy, Daddy’s Reviews, Rentmen, boys2rent, etc…  Times have changed, though, and now that this website has worked its way onto the front page of Google and other search engines. Even the related Twitter feed has hit the first page. Call Boy Las Vegas is for use by the various call boys who make their web home at the site.

User comments are welcome!

Call Boy Las Vegas is a web site where we offer web pages to male escorts, strippers, masseurs, and even naked handymen. If you would like to be listed here, then please contact us for more information. Include a recent photo (face picture) together with some information about yourself.

We are selective. We do not promise to list you. And we do not promise to maintain your listing – we may remove your listing at any time if ever we find that you are not up to the high standards that we expect. For example, if we learn that you are a ‘druggie’ then you definitely are out-a-here.

This is not in any sense an escort service. It’s just a directory of personal pages.

Advantages of Being Listed

Reference your page from your business card, your email signature, print ad, online ads, and over the phone. You’ll find it very useful – but only in support of your other self-marketing efforts. If you do nothing but make a web page here, then probably it will not bring you very much business.

By referring to your web page, you can be taken more seriously as a professional, and so be better paid.

You don’t need to provide a lot of detail elsewhere, you just refer prospective clients to your page here to find your photos, video, stats, description, availability, rates, etc. You can state the URL over the phone easily (example: greg dot call boy L V dot com). Your clients will have easy access to everything they want to know.

You can even have your own email address: yourname@callboylv.com – accessible through a web browser or through Outlook.

Photography and Videography

Need photos? We can take new photos of you, at no cost, and then certify the date they were taken. It’s no use trying to promote yourself using photos that you took of yourself in front of a bathroom mirror! That’s just sad … so sad, in fact, that we will not accept them. Nobody will be considered for inclusion here without good quality photos. We can, however, accept if you want us to pixelate your face. Your choice of photos will then appear in your personal gallery on your own profile page.

Video! Greg made a video (with your webmaster holding the camera). Greg then edited it and uploaded it to RentMen. If you do likewise, we can embed the video onto your profile page.

*Important: We are not urging anybody to be an escort. It’s not for most people. Consider carefully whether it’s something that you really want to do and contact us only when you really are quite certain.

And – of course – if there is the slightest question about your being of-age then we will require some persuasive I.D.

Benefits of Callboylv.com (per Greg Smart):

  1. More Clients. I average 1 new client from this site per week (some weeks 3, some weeks none… you know the drill) mainly because they found this site on Google. 
  2. No competition. On Rentboy & other Sites you can have up to 75 guys advertising at the same time, here you only have a few. (On those weeks where Rentboy has 75 guys advertising and no one is making any money {I know you know what I’m talking about} I still have a way to land clients and put money in my pocket)
  3. No need for a ‘search bar.’ All the websites advertising Male Escorts on Google require users to do a search on a complex search bar. On Callboylv.com the Escorts for Las Vegas are on the main page
  4. Great photo and video uploads. No more grainy photos for advertising.
  5. Google! This website is on the first page of Google under the ‘Male Escorts Las Vegas’ and ‘Las Vegas callboy’, among search terms. Typically appearing more than once on that page. This gives you a unique advantage that no other Male Escort or Male Escort service has in Las Vegas.
  6. Female Clients & Couples. Lots of Male Escorts in Las Vegas are trying to land female clients. This website helps make that possible. Women with money who are looking for Male Escorts use Google just like everyone else. Almost all Male Escort websites are ‘Gay.’ Even though this website is geared more towards the Gay community, lately we’ve been toning down the Gayness because women are hiring me (Greg) directly from this site.

Need Your Own Web Site?

If you’re in another city, we can make you a replica of this site, at a reasonable cost. If you want your own personal web site, we can do that, too. Contact us for more information.